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Aloe Vera: Known for Healing

Most everyone knows the soothing benefits of Aloe Vera on sun-burned skin.

It has the same soothing and cooling effect on cuts, burns, irritations, insect bites and scrapes.

However, Aloe Vera is an ancient plant that goes beyond just moisturizing and cooling.

Aloe Vera is also:

·         Antibacterial

·         Anti-fungal

·         Naturally holds moisture

·         Naturally revives and balances skin surfaces

·         Anti-inflammatory agents reduce inflammation and redness

·         Naturally speeds and improves general healing

Aloe Vera Toothpaste for Dry MouthEffervess Aloe Vera Toothpaste

Aloe’s well-known healing properties are the reason it’s the base ingredient in the Effervess Natural Oral Care line created for those who suffer from dry mouth.

Dry mouth is a growing problem in dentistry.  It results from an inadequate flow of saliva.

It is not a disease, but a symptom of a medical disorder and/or most commonly, a side effect of popular medications.  And what’s more dry mouth issues occur throughout the day.

When you suffer from dry mouth, you lose all the protective enzymes and good bacteria which makes you more prone to cavities.

The antibacterial properties of Aloe Vera can help combat this bacteria war within the mouth.

These cavities form an acid that breaks down your teeth.

The Effervess Aloe Vera Tooth Paste contains calcium and Xylitol to help strengthen enamel.

Mouth tissue on dry mouth patients can be very sensitive.

Since Aloe Vera is so mild, it doesn’t cause any burning as usually associated with traditional toothpastes.

Dr. Carol Alvarado, creator of the Effervess Natural Oral Care line, formulated the Effervess Natural Aloe Vera toothpaste to look and feel like traditional toothpaste.Effervess Aloe Vera Toothpaste fights infection

Additionally, the peppermint oil gives it a wonderfully refreshing and enjoyable taste.

We hope you will consider Effervess Natural Aloe Vera toothpaste which can help destroy harmful bacteria, disinfect the mouth and fight infection.

Effervess: Nature’s Oral Care Products can be purchased on the Effervess website www.effervess.com (click here) or on Amazon (click here).

More About Effervess: Your Solution for Dry Mouth

  • Effervess is called “Nature’s Oral Care” because the line features Aloe Vera, which is an ancient plant known for healing, moisturizing and antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.
  • Effervess also contains Xylitol a natural sweetener from American Birch Bark found to help fight plaque build-up and strengthen enamel.
  • In fact, the Effervess O2 Whitening Gel is the ONLY whitening product on the market that contains Xylitol to fight cavities.
  • The Effervess line does not contain any hydrated silica or baking soda, no SLS and no harsh chemicals.
  • Many patients who suffer from dry mouth also experience overly dry lips. The Effervess Natural Vitamin E Lip Moisturizer is designed to help moisturize, smooth, heal and repair damaged skin…naturally. Vitamin E Oil is a known natural antioxidant. Its properties aid in anti-aging and restores the normal oil balance in the skin. Vitamin E helps provide protection, soothing relief and helps soften skin and lips


Effervess: Nature’s Oral Care Products can be purchased on the Effervess website www.effervess.com (click here) or on Amazon (click here).

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