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Breast Cancer & Dental Health – How Effervess Can Help

Many cancer patients develop complications that affect the mouth. These mild to severe side effects can include mouth sores, infection, dry mouth, sensitive gums and cavities.

These complications can affect your quality of life.

Preexisting or untreated oral disease can even complicate cancer treatment. Oral infection can be hazardous when your immune system is suppressed.

Chemotherapy & Dental Healtheffervess-can-help-with-dental-side-effects-from-chemo

Most chemotherapy agents suppress white blood cells, which protect against infection.

Chemotherapy can also effect saliva production, leading to dry mouth, and serious dental implications.

The oral tissues can become very inflamed, cavities can become rampant, and gums may bleed easily.

Oral Care Tips for Breast Cancer Patients

Dr. Carol Alvarado, creator of Effervess Natural Oral Care and a practicing dentist in Houston, TX shares the following dental tips for Breast Cancer patients:

  • All dental work should be completed and the teeth should be cleaned prior to cancer therapy.
  • Use a gentle, non-abrasive toothpaste, soft toothbrush and brush gently.
  • Floss gently and regularly.
  • Use toothpaste and chewing gum with xylitol.

How Effervess, Natural Oral Products Can Help Cancer Patients

  • Gentle/Non-Burning – Mouth tissue on dry mouth patients can be very sensitive. Effervess Aloe Vera toothpaste is so mild it doesn’t cause any burning as usually associated with traditional toothpastes.
  • Anti-Fungal – Dry mouth can lead to fungal infections. Aloe Vera has been known to be both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.
  • Non-Abrasive/Fights Cavities – Effervess Natural Oral care features calcium to scrape away tartar and plaque. Combined with Xylitol, the calcium not only helps strengthen your enamel, but also helps with the remineralization of your enamel.

Effervess: Nature’s Oral Care Products can be purchased on the Effervess website www.effervess.com or on Amazon, here.







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