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Dr. Alvarado featured on Oprah.com!

Dr. Alvarado was interviewed for a story on oprah.com about “Weird ways inflammation affects your body.”

Dr. Alvarado shares how inflammation in your body can affect your teeth.

From the article:

“One recent study found that your dentist can play an important role in detecting undiagnosed conditions including diabetes, which has been linked to inflammation. If not managed properly, uncontrolled blood-sugar levels related to diabetes can translate into tender gums, tooth infections (which may not always be painful) and bone loss around teeth. “Type 2 diabetes is one we often catch in the mouth first,” says Houston-based dentist Carol Alvarado, DDS. “Often, patients are not even aware this is going on,” she says. That is why it is so important to see your dentist every six months (or more often, if advised).


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