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Get Heartburn Relief with Effervess Replenish Probiotic

There are many benefits to using probiotics to fight GERD or heartburn.get-heart-burn-relief-with-effervess-replenish-probiotic

  1. Research into the causes of  GERD is beginning to identify bad bacterial overgrowth and lack of digestive enzymes as a problem.
  2. Digestive enzymes can help with breakdown of foods helping reduce the acids from the stomach. Often stomach acids escape into the esophagus, causing damage to the throat and leading to potentially significant health problems.
  3. Probiotics have been known to replace the  good bacteria often lost to the side effects of medications and dry mouth; both of which are common in those who suffer from heart burn.

Effervess, natural dental care products were created by a dentist: Dr. Carol Alvarado in Houston, TX.  However, the first product in her Effervess line was not the toothpaste or whitening gel.  It was a probiotic.Dr. Alvarado’s father almost died of a dental infection when he was in his mid-80s. The bacteria in his mouth had settled in his lungs.  (No, Dr. Alvarado had not been her dad’s dentist.)  To help her dad, she had to buy four different bottles of probiotics and digestive enzymes to get the right combination that were recommended by his doctors.

It took Dr. Alvarado several years of working with Microbiologists to create Effervess Replenish Probiotic and Digestive Enzyme Chewables.  They contain 14 strains of Probiotics and 6 Digestive Enzymes.

This is germ warfare at its best!

Effervess Replenish Probiotics and Digestive Enzyme chewables have been known to help neutralize the acids associated with acid reflux.

Dr. Alvarado recommends taking these chewables along with a dosage of liquid calcium and liquid magnesium for a well-rounded approach to neutralizing stomach acids.

More Benefits of Effervess Replenish Probiotic and Digestive Enzyme Chewablesget-heart-burn-relief-with-effervess-replenish-probiotic-1

  • Contains 14 strains of Probiotics and 6 Digestive Enzymes blended in a chewable tablet to help replenish “good bacteria” and enzymes.
  • 10 Billion CPU
  • Contain vitamin C, a known antioxidant

Effervess: Nature’s Oral Care Products, including the Effervess Replenish Probiotic and Digestive Enzyme Chewables., can be purchased on the Effervess website www.effervess.com or on Amazon here.





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