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Six Scary Facts About Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is a growing problem in dentistry. On a daily basis, Dr. Alvarado, who owns a private practice in Houston, TX sees patients who suffer from dry mouth and the issues associated with the condition.

With regular saliva production, your teeth are constantly bathed in a mineral-rich solution that helps keep your teeth strong and resistant to decay.  Dry mouth results from an inadequate flow of saliva.

It is not a disease, but a symptom of a medical disorder and/or most commonly, a side effect of popular medications.

Dr. Alvarado shares the following dangers associated with Dry Mouth.six-scary-facts-about-dry-mouth

  1. There isn’t any cure for dry mouth, the sooner it gets diagnosed the less damage it does to your teeth.
  2. Dry Mouth can cause tooth decay & gum disease.
  3. Dry Mouth can cause mouth sores & bad breath.
  4. Dry Mouth is a common side effect from popular medications including blood pressure medications; anti-depression/anti-anxiety; and pain killers.
  5. The combination of two or more of these medications dramatically increases dry-mouth effects.
  6. Dry Mouth can also lead to extremely dry and cracked lips.

To better assist her patients who suffer from Dry Mouth, Dr. Alvarado created the Effervess Natural Oral Care line.

About Effervess: Your Solution for Dry Mouth

  • Effervess is called “Nature’s Oral Care” because the line features Aloe Vera, which is an ancient plant known for healing, moisturizing and antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.
  • Effervess also contains Xylitol a natural sweetener from American Birch Bark found to help fight plaque build-up and strengthen enamel.
  • In fact, the Effervess O2 Whitening Gel is the ONLY whitening product on the market that contains Xylitol to fight cavities.
  • The Effervess line does not contain any hydrated silica or baking soda, no SLS and no harsh chemicals.
  • The Effervess Aloe Vera Tooth Paste contains calcium to help strengthen enamel and reduce sensitivity, often experience by those who have dry mouth.
  • Many patients who suffer from dry mouth also experience overly dry lips. The Effervess Natural Vitamin E Lip Moisturizer is designed to help moisturize, smooth, heal and repair damaged skin…naturally. Vitamin E Oil is a known natural antioxidant. Its properties aid in anti-aging and restores the normal oil balance in the skin. Vitamin E helps provide protection, soothing relief and helps soften skin and lips


Effervess: Nature’s Oral Care Products can be purchased on the Effervess website www.effervess.com or on Amazon, here.

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